Waterproof Waist Packs – The Best Way to Protect Your Skin While Hiking

models have gear pockets

Carry your most important stuff close and far with an Overboarding waterproof waist pack. These waist pack models feature a fully padded roll top Convert Seal System to make sure that your cell phone, keys, money, credit card, and many other important supplies stay dry, even when you do not. Each waterproof waist pack is class 3 water resistant, which means it will keep contents dry even when you do not. They are available in different sizes to fit adults as well as children, making them a great choice for camping trips or day hikes. In addition to being completely waterproof, most of these models have gear pockets which double as a dedicated bottle pocket.

The Overboarding Waist Pack was designed by a former mountain biker who suffered from shoulder and back pain. He then spent several years perfecting the Overboarding Waist Pack so that it could safely and comfortably be worn by active people. When he first released it, the demand was so high that he was unable to keep up with the demand and left it off the shelves for three years. When he brought it back, he added features that made it even more popular. He made the Waist Pack waterproof, which was a real relief to avid campers and hikers. Now, the Overboarding Waist Pack is one of the most popular items in the outdoor clothing line.

one side storage pocket

Most of these waterproof waist packs have two main compartments and one side storage pocket. Some models, such as the Overboarding Fastpack have three main compartments and one side pocket. These side pockets, often referred to as a hip pocket, are excellent places to store smaller items that you might not want to leave in your main compartment. There is also plenty of room in most of these waist packs for a hydration system, flashlight, cell phone, or other small necessities.

One of the greatest advantages to using a waterproof waist pack, especially for hiking and backpacking, is the protection that it provides to your clothing. Most of these packs protect against rain and wind by using a special fabric that allows moisture to pass through them while still keeping the outside air dry. This means that you will be able to wear your jacket and pants without worrying about getting wet, which is vital for adventure seekers. In addition, most of these pouches are zippered, which allows you to put a lot of items in them without taking up too much space.

durable and lightweight

These packs are usually made out of nylon or an equivalent, which makes them very durable and lightweight. However, they can be prone to chafing if worn by an inactive person, so you should plan on taking your waist pack on long trips or long hikes before. Unlike fanny packs, these come with a sturdy strap that goes around your chest to hold the load secure. However, because you cannot remove the load when hiking, it is advised to leave this strap on the inside of your waist pack. To make sure that your pack stays on your chest, you should make sure that you do not bend your knees while wearing the pack because the strap can get snagged on your knee or shins.

Another great feature of the waterproof waist pack, which many people enjoy, is the fact that it comes equipped with a special zipper pocket. This zippered pocket allows you to store your cell phone, flashlight, a first aid kit, or anything else you may need for your trip. This zip pocket also makes it very convenient to take items that you need, but do not want to take with you. Some of the most popular items that you can put in the waterproof waist pack include lip balm, sunscreen, nylons or lube, toilet paper, a camera, sun glasses, a tarp, and many others.

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