Tips To Read Tip 14 – How To Choose Coloured Contact Lenses

look and complement your eye color

Coloured lenses are the latest trend in lenses. They are available in different types like bifocal, multifocal and enhancement. They also come in contact lenses and are specially designed for one eye. They are used by athletes and people who are undergoing eye surgery. They give an appealing look and complement your eye color. Coloured contacts are available in many styles and shades.

One of the reasons why coloured lenses were introduced was to provide protection from serious eye infections. If you have spent some time in the field, you must know that corrective lenses like Astigmatism, Hyperopia or Presbyopia are not always comfortable and lead to irritation. In such cases, coloured lenses can be used as they correct your vision by creating a slight tint in your eyes.

coloured lenses

You will find that coloured lenses are available in two basic types. The first one is the Fitting Optician which is generally used by opticians while the second one is called Non-Fitting or Custom-made lens. This option ensures that the correct prescription is taken in the right size and shape.

For every colour, there’s a coloured contact lens for a new stylish look. You can either choose a simple tinted lens to compliment your natural eye color or a completely different look altogether. With a new pair of coloured lenses, you can easily enhance your appearance and gain a whole new look. The centre of a coloured contact lens is usually clear, which enables you to see clearly at all times. It has a small hole at the bottom part. A coloured lens generally has an image on it or sometimes a pattern.

actual coloured ring

Non tinted coloured lenses have an actual coloured ring on the inside of the pupil, but no coloured ring can be seen through the pupil. You would not be able to make out any pattern from the inside of the eye through this tinted ring. You can use either the same or a different coloured lens to change your overall appearance with a new trendy look. If the pupil is clear, opaque coloured lenses will give you an enhanced appearance and if the pupil is tinted, then opaque lenses give you a new look altogether.

If you want to wear coloured lenses to give you a new look and enhance your overall appearance, then you need to consult your optometrist about it. However, if you don’t have any problems with your vision, then you can buy the same from the market. For this purpose, you can also check online stores for you to have a better idea about the prices of these items. Nowadays, there are a large number of branded and unbranded brands available in the market. So, you should choose one that is more affordable than others.

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